"I have asked that this kick-off also be the occasion for affirming publicly Grinnell College’s commitment to sustainability and to respectfully honoring the natural resources and life that we have inherited and with which we co-exist. This spring, the college formed the Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability Advisory Committee to further Grinnell College’s goals of environmental responsibility by assessing current conditions, policies, and actions and advising the community and me on strategies for furthering those goals.

"Our strong traditions of social responsibility and action, personal responsibility, and self-governance demand that we play our part in finding and implementing solutions to climate change and environmental degradation. These endeavors will require the institution of policies that govern new construction and renovation, consumption and recycling, and a host of behaviors, both at the College and in the larger community.

"Today I am signing the “American College and University President’s Climate Commitment.” The commitment requires that we create a plan for reaching carbon neutrality. We are joining 668 other colleges and universities."

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