The Grinnell College Libraries are excited to announce the release of the new digital archive of the Scarlet & Black student newspaper. This online archive provides free access to the College's archive of the Scarlet & Black newspaper from the first issue in 1894 through May 2010.

The archive is accessible to all Web users both on and off campus. Individual articles are searchable through the archive, but are not searchable or findable directly through Google or other search engines.

In addition to being a valuable source for research, this archive provides a fun way to browse through the College’s history. One hundred years ago Oct. 3, 1914, social life at Grinnell became a little more egalitarian when the ladies’ societies unanimously voted to abolish “rushing” and open all of their meetings to all of the women on campus.  At the same time, the students celebrated the start of the new football season with a massive pep rally featuring the cheer, “We’ll give a yell for old Grinnell!” 

Whether you are researching such College notables as George HerronRobert Noyce ’49, or Hallie Flanagan Davis 1911, or reminiscing about your own college days, the text search feature helps you find articles on specific topics efficiently. The browse feature lets you review articles published in specific decades, years, months, or days.

Since its first publication on September 12, 1894, the Scarlet & Black has served as a vital source of up-to-date news on campus, an important record of our institution, and a rich historical resource.

We hope that you enjoy being able to explore the College’s history in the new Scarlet & Black online archive!

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