Staff Recognized for Years of Service

Monday, May. 12, 2014 4:07 pm

Nearly 50 employees will be recognized during the Staff Recognition Brunch, which will be held from 8:30-10 a.m. May 21 at the Rosenfield Center Marketplace.

Service through December 31, 2013

5 years

Kelly Terlouw (Admission)

Patricia Amador-Lacson (Admission)

Jillian Beukema (Alumni Relations & Development)

Jackie Hutchison (Athletics)

Jen Jacobsen (Athletics)

Emily Guenther (Dean of the College)

Deanne Grabinski (Dining Services)]

Derek Ball (Dining Services)

Jacob Nerness (Dining Services)

Mike Fiebelkorn (Dining Services)

Dianna Kelting (Facilities Management)

Robyn Berardo (Human Resources)

Jon Balm (Information Technology Services)

Houston Dougharty (Student Affairs)

Travis Greene (Student Affairs)

Deb Shill (Student Health & Counseling Services)

Lesa Smith (Student Health & Counseling Services)


10 years

De Dudley (Academic Support)

Stephanie Micetich (Academic Support)

Julie Dressler (Accounting)

Jana Pelham (Admission)

Terry Anderson (Dining Services)


15 years

Laureen Van Wyk (Academic Support)

Sondi Burnell (Academic Support)

Mark Mawe (Accounting)

Amy Van Manen (Admission)

Nettie Vaverka (Admission)

Sarah White (Admission)

Kathy Miller (Biology)

Steve Briscoe (Campus Safety & Security)

Karen Sleeuwenhoek (Dining Services)

Mark Baechtel (Forensics)

Julie Eccles (Information Technology Services)

Mark Watts (Information Technology Services)

Claire Moisan (ALSO Program)

Janet Carl (Writing Lab)


20 years

Melinda Drees (Admission)

Connie Coleman (Student Affairs)

Marcia Baker (Dean of the College)







25 years

Cassie Wherry (Bookstore)

James Duke (Dining Services)

Mary Kirk (Dining Services)

Jim Mulholland (Office of the Treasurer)


30 years

Mary Kissinger (Athletics)

Kay Wilson (Faulconer Gallery)

Kim Gilbert (Library)

Sharon Clayton (Library)

Joan Mohan (Reading Lab)


35 years

Ed Dudak (Physics)