From the beginning, we have had a lot of talented students in support and development: Yasir Mehboob ‘03, Yaw Nti-Addae ‘04, Kabenla Armah '04, Jingsheng Wang '08, Mark Root-Whiley '09, Tianqi Zhang '11 and Doug Dobrzynski '13, to name the main ones. Not only do the students bring their talent and energy to the process, but they also give us live feedback about the site. They help us not to become stale,  to keep our minds open, to never rest. Hopefully, working with us help our students as well: Yasir is now Senior Consultant at Deloitte; Yaw is a software developer with Dow Chemical; Kabenla is a programmer at Wilhelm Imaging Research; Mark has started MRW Web Design, a company specializing in web design for non-profits, and Sheng is the president of INSReady, software company in Shanghai, China, and also, incidentally, a huge TV Star. Qi is in graduate school UW Madisson (unfortunately, in chemistry, not web!) Doug is (luckily) still with us, and we foresee a great future for him already.

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