Grinnellians bring their interests into the classroom, using assignments to study the things they are most interested in. But when they can’t otherwise fit a topic into their curriculum, they turn to guided reading (200-level) and independent study (300-level) coursework to explore it further.

Students in guided readings and independent studies design an independent project and work closely with a faculty directory. The courses might include things like reading of a body of literature, reproducing published scientific experiments, learning advanced techniques, or exploring an art.

Some topics being pursued Fall 2013 include:

  • Voices from Cairo
  • Interdisciplinary Studies of Wine
  • The Philosophy of Science in Education
  • The History of Myanmar
  • Hellenistic Ethics
  • Poisson-Dirac Brackets
  • Modern Board Game Design
  • Advanced Web Application Development — Local Foods
  • Gender in Malaysian National Identity
  • Food Sources
  • Dido and Aeneas in 17th Century Politics
  • Anomalous Magnetism

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