If it’s been snowing for days and the thermometer hits negative degrees, there really is nothing better than just going to sleep and dreaming of tropical places.
Go cross-country skiing
There aren’t too many places to downhill ski, but there is definitely enough snow for cross-country skiing.
Write in the snow with food dye
It’s creative, looks pretty, and is a lot more fun than complaining about all the white stuff.
Go sledding
You don’t even need an actual sled. Borrowing a tray from the dining hall or using a garbage bag works just as well. Hamburger Hill, behind the baseball diamond, is a popular sledding spot on campus.
Drink hot cocoa
While hot tea or coffee might be as efficient at keeping you warm, hot cocoa definitely tastes better.
Camp out in the Joe Rosenfield Center
Take all of your stuff for the day when you leave your room in the morning and camp out in the campus center until you go to bed, minimizing your exposure to the Iowa winter.
Watch a movie
Hijack a random room in Noyce Science Center or a lounge in any residence hall to watch a movie with your friends. Pick something without snow in it!
Launch a snowball fight
With nothing other than snow required, this is the ideal study break for any time of day. Mac Field between North Campus and East Campus and Loose Beach on South Campus provide all the material you need for a snowy skirmish.
Wear shorts or dresses
Ignore the snow, dress like it’s summer. It’s only as cold as you make it out to be. Sort of.
Bond with your floor over lots and lots of homemade food
While this might be something particularly fitting around Thanksgiving break, there is no reason not to do it at any other snow-infested time. Just get everyone on your floor to cook or bake something for a giant dinner.

Carolin Scholz '13 is a Psychology Major from Hamburg, Germany.

Carolin Scholz '13...

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