Alumni regular cite tutorials, the only required courses at Grinnell, as one of their favorite experiences.

New students interested in Prairie Studies have a variety of choices this year:

The Dustbowl

Students investigate one of the worst environmental crises in American history in The Dustbowl, a tutorial taught by Michael Guenther, history. They explore how scientists, policymakers, public intellectuals, farmers, artists, and writers tried to make sense of the complex events unfolding around them, and how we are still trying to make sense of them today.

The Ethical Shopper

We are continually encouraged to practice our politics in the shops: to resist environmental degradation by buying “green” labeled products; to promote fair wages by choosing fair trade coffee; to “make a difference” to distant others by eschewing Disneyland for a volunteer vacation. Cori Jakubiak, education, guides first-year students as they explore the possibilities—and limits—of consumer-based citizenship.

Climate Change: Science, Policy And Ethics

Students in Elaine Marzluff’s tutorial consider the scientific basis for climate change, and explore why it has been so difficult to develop policy to address this issue. They explore how scientific knowledge is constructed and communicated, and consider the role of equity and fairness in developing climate change policy.

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