Grinnell College encourages students to make meaningful and lifelong connections. The entering class is ready to begin their journey.

Meet a few representatives from the Class of 2018, who are ready to discover Grinnell College:

Your New Best Friend Deqa Aden from Hargeisa, Somalia

spent two years exploring the east coast as an exchange student. Now, the avid singer, debater, and tennis player is ready to discover new territory. “When I was here, I saw people hanging out together. They didn’t leave and go to a big city on the weekend. I love being in a place where people do things together. I loved that warmth of the community.” Feeling a sense of community is especially important when your family is on a different continent. “I’m hoping to make some really nice friends,” she says.

Hammock Guru Emma Lingle from Webster Groves, Mo.

Emma Lingle '18

… loves to connect her hammock from Eagles Nest Outfitter between two trees and relax in the sun. “I hope to hold the record for the most trees ‘Eno’d’ on campus,” she says. A campus tour hooked Lingle on first sight — despite its snowy landscape. “I love the small school community,” she says. “There is a certain pride that comes with being connected to Grinnell that is truly amazing.” Lingle is ready to make new connections. “Grinnell is going to make a huge mark on me, and I can only hope that I am able to give something back.”

By the Numbers

Of the 438 members of the entering class*:

  • 25 percent are U.S. students of color.
  • 68 percent participated in community service.
  • 69 percent graduated in the top 10 percent of their secondary school class.
  • 63 percent graduated from public high school.
  • 44 percent were varsity athletes.
  • 54 percent participated in the fine arts (music, theater, dance, visual art).
  • 15 percent are first-generation college students.
  • 21 percent participated in student government.
  • 18 percent worked on high school publications.
  • 18 percent were active in speech, debate or forensics.

Eighteen percent of the incoming class are international students representing 27 countries. The gallery of flags above Spencer Grill will be expanded to include flags from Albania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Uzbekistan.

*As of Aug. 14, 2014

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