Author:  Diane Meisles '12

When I applied to colleges, I did a lot of research and I concluded that a small, liberal arts college with a strong science program would be best for me.

My college counselor reviewed the list of schools that I was applying to. “Diane, why isn’t Grinnell on here?” she asked. Honestly, I did not know anything about Grinnell except that it was small, in the middle of Iowa — and that both of my parents went there. My parents were also biology majors and pre-med like me. My college counselor advised me to at least look into it.

I started looking through my college guidebooks and researching Grinnell online and finally decided that, since my parents went there, I should at least visit and give it a fair shot.

My visit to Grinnell College was amazing. Although Grinnell is a small school of 1,600 students, the large, beautiful campus really impressed me. I met several professors as I was walking around Noyce Hall (the science building), and they were all eager to talk with me about the science programs. I also met the cross country coach, who took me on a tour of the athletic facilities and soccer fields. One of the most impressive parts of my visit, however, was the students. Everyone was friendly and outgoing. It quickly became apparent that each Grinnell student has a passion about something, which is what makes Grinnell such a unique place. After my visit, I realized that Grinnell College was the right choice for me. Even though I had never previously considered going to my parent’s alma mater, it was the best decision I could have made.

Diane Meisles '12 is a Biology Major from Northfield, IL.

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