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IES Abroad London Direct Enrollment - Queen Mary

Why study at Queen Mary?

  • Outstanding international reputation with strengths across the academic spectrum
  • Opportunity for in-depth study in your major and secondary subject area in which students may have academic background
  • International campus: over 40% of students are from countries outside of the UK
  • London is one of the world’s most important cultural, economic and intellectual centers

CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Seoul

Why study at Yonsei University in Seoul?

  • Live in the capital of South Korea, one of East Asia’s most dynamic economies
  • Take classes English at prestigious Korean private university in a wide variety of subject areas while learning Korean language from beginning or higher level
  • Participate in extensive program of cultural activities and field trips
  • Volunteer to work with North Korean refugee school children
  • Housing in international student campus residences

CIEE Arts and Sciences in Hyderabad

Why study in Hyderabad, India?


  • Experience world’s largest democracy in a rapidly developing economic center
  • Live in a city widely renowned as a nexus of diverse Indian cultures
  • Take one or more of your courses with Indian students at University of Hyderabad
  • Volunteer opportunities with NGOs
  • Extensive field trips to such locations as Andra Pradesh, Mysore, Varanasi, Byllakuppe, Melkote, and Badami

Alliance for Global Education - International Business in China

Why study on the Alliance for Global Education program in Shanghai?

  • Course options in English for students primarily interested in Asian Studies, Economics, and Business. Business-related internships are available.

  • Study moderately intensive Chinese language from advanced beginning level

  • Introduction to China in a dynamic and diverse global city where English is spoken more widely than in most other Chinese cities

  • Housing with Chinese students

ACTR Advanced Russian Language & Area Studies Moscow

Why study with ACTR Moscow?

  • Intensive Russian language study at Moscow International University.
  • Content courses for area studies credit are offered in subjects such as Russian literature and history, political science, and contemporary Russian society.
  • Program features include home stays, weekly excursions, travel to other regions of Russia, conversation partners, and a wide range of opportunities to pursue internships, volunteering, hobbies and personal interests in a Russian context.

CIEE Liberal Arts in Valparaiso

Why study in Valparaiso?

  • a wide range of courses from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, a top regional university, and the opportunity to explore contemporary Chilean society and culture
  • one of Latin America’s more important economies in a country that ranges from the Andes to the Pacific with elements of indigenous and European cultures
  • volunteer with organizations involved in social policy, community service, and education