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ACM Shanghai: Perspectives on Contemporary China

Why study on the ACM Perspectives on Contemporary China program in Shanghai?

  • Course options in English for students primarily interested in anthropology, economics, environmental studies, geography, international relations, political science, sociology, and urban studies.
  • Introduction to China in a dynamic and diverse global city where English is spoken more widely than  in most other Chinese cities
  • Opportunity for mentored independent study

CIEE Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Program in Nanjing

Why study in Nanjing?

  • Intensive Chinese language study for low intermediate to advanced-level students
  • Small classes and individualized instruction
  • English language options: China and Nanjing Area Studies, independent research project.
  • Chinese language options: wide range of courses for advanced students
  • Extensive field trips to various parts of China
  • Nanjing University dormitory housing with Chinese roommate or home-stay

Middlebury School in China: Kunming

Why study on the Middlebury program in Kunming?

  • Rigorous Chinese language and cultural studies with focus on Chinese ethnic and minority studies
  • Twenty hours per week of language and topical courses taught in the Chinese in small classes and through intensive individualized instruction.  Strict language pledge.
  • Electives include newspaper reading, environmental studies, contemporary issues classical and business Chinese, ethnic and minority studies.
  • Dormitory housing at Yunnan University with Chinese roommate

Middlebury School in China: Hangzhou

Why study in Hangzhou?

  • Rigorous Chinese language and cultural studies with strict language pledge
  • Sixteen hours per week of language and topical courses in small classes and intensive individualized instruction
  • Electives include Ancient Chinese History, Business and Classical Chinese, Contemporary Issues, Film, Literature, and Newspaper Reading
  • Dormitory housing at Zhejiang University of Technology with Chinese roommate

Hamilton - Associated Colleges in China

Why study on the ACC Intensive Language program in Beijing?

  • Rigorous Chinese language and cultural studies with strict language pledge
  • Intensive small-group classes and one-to-one individual language instruction
  • Advanced readings and discussion in literature, history, philosophy, media, and film
  • Weekly language practicums focusing on use of Chinese outside of the class
  • Study in Beijing, China's center of politics and culture
  • Administered by Hamilton College and hosted by Minzu University of China

China Studies Institute

Why study at the China Studies Institute in Beijing?

  • Selective academic program with wide range of courses taught in English and moderately intensive study of Chinese enforced by a language pledge
  • Rich variety of internships for a program in China
  • Extended field trip at end of semester to interesting locations in China
  • Housing and program offices on the campus of Peking University, one of China's top universities
  • Study in Beijing, China's center of politics and culture

OTS South Africa

Why study on the OTS South Africa program?

  • rigorous environmental field study program on South African ecosystems
  • study of conservation and management in Kruger National Park and the West Coast National Park
  • independent research project
  • extraordinary graduate school and career connections