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Area and Arabic Language Studies (Oman)

Why study in Oman?

  • Opportunity to study in the  key geo-political region of the Arab Gulf
  • Ancient multi-cultural center of maritime trade extending from East Asia to East Africa
  • Intensive study of Modern Standard Arabic and Omani Colloquial Arabic
  • Courses in anthropology, development studies, history, international relations, politics, religion, sociology, and women’s studies

Regional Studies in French

Why study in Morocco?

  • Historic crossroads of Arabic, African, Berber, and  European cultures
  • Intensive study of French, Modern Standard Arabic and/or Moroccan Colloquial Arabic
  • Courses in literature, history, anthropology, politics. religion, women’s studies, film studies, and economic development

Middle East and Arabic Language Studies (ACM)

Why study in Jordan?

  • Shares borders with Iraq, Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia
  • One of two Arab countries to have open borders with Israel
  • Intensive study of Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Colloquial Arabic
  • Courses in art, anthropology, development studies, environmental studies, history, international relations, politics. religion, sociology, and women’s studies
  • Independent study project

American University In Cairo

Why study in Egypt?

  • Oldest and most populous Arab nation in the Middle East
  • Intensive study of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic
  • Comprehensive university with courses available in all subject areas
  • Study in English, together with Egyptian and international students from many countries

Mexico Study Abroad at Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

Why study in Mérida, Mexico?

  • One of the largest countries in Latin America, with a rich indigenous and colonial heritage, of great cultural, political, and economic importance to the U.S.
  • A program located at one of the best universities in one of the safest locations in Mexico, committed to the local cultural heritage, with tutoring support available
  • Improve your Spanish through a homestay and learn about the country through IFSA-Butler’s Exploring Community & Culture program