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Iowa’s Cool – Except When It’s Hot

The run-up to the Iowa caucuses is when all the presidential candidates remind us how cool they think Iowa is. (At least they say Iowa is cool, but we can’t be sure that the latter signifies the former.) Bernie Sanders said so four or five times on Thursday at a rally in Central Park in Grinnell. To justify the title of this essay, let me note that he also commented on the heat (it was 90 F) in the context of advocating for universal health care, suspecting that some of his audience were going to suffer heat strokes.

We can create blogs!

I'm very excited to announce that we can now create blogs on the website! These blogs aren't for individuals necessarily, but rather those who wish to blog under the institutional umbrella. For instance, the Center for Prairie Studies has a Director's Corner and the Faulconer Gallery has a Director's Blog called "Art Worlds Every Day," both of which were on the retro site and can now be supported on the new site.

ICADS - Field Program in Environment and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica

Why study in Costa Rica with ICADS?

  • Learn about environmental issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • Study intersection between community, ecosystem, economics and politics
  • Explore environmental and economic implications of plantation and small-scale agriculture, eco-tourism, bio-prospecting, and national park management.
  • Analyze impact of export-oriented development on family, class, and race relations.

MBL Semester in Environmental Science

Why study on the Semester in Environmental Science Program?

  • The Semester in Environmental Science Program (SES) is offered by the Ecosystems Center, the ecological research arm of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), an international institution for research and education in biology founded in 1888. In addition to MBL's permanent scientific staff of over 100, the Ecosystems Center is staffed by 13 senior scientific personnel who collaborate on more than 30 federally funded research projects.

National Theater Institute

Why study with the National Theatre Institute?

  • The National Theatre Institute (NTI) has been described by the New York Times as a "boot camp" for aspiring young theatre artists.
  • In a thirteen-week semester - comprised of seven-day schedules - students are offered a very intensive, wide-ranging and practical experience in professional theatre in an atmosphere similar to that of a repertory company working together on a series of projects.

ACM Chicago: Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies

Why study at ACM Chicago?

The ACM Chicago Program gives students a solid grounding - knowledge, resources, and connections - and the flexibility to follow their passions.

Students are encouraged to explore the big issues facing cities today and relate those issues to their own lives, education and career aspirations.

The program offers three main areas of emphasis: