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Hamilton College in Spain

Why study in Madrid?

  • Immersion in the rich cultural, political and business environment of the Spanish capital
  • Small liberal-arts classes taught in Spanish and especially designed for program students
  • Option to take courses with Spanish students at the University of Madrid
  • Internships available in NGOs and cultural institutions
  • Language pledge: Spanish spoken at all times
  • Wide range of field trips to many parts of Spain

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) - Granada, Spain

Why study in Granada?

  • Immersion in the culture and language of the last capital of Moorish Spain
  • Emphasis on combined Islamic, Jewish, and Christian regional heritage
  • Mediterranean Area Studies focus on migration from North and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Advanced-level track entirely in Spanish, including University of Granada courses
  • Intermediate-level track features intensive Spanish and coursework in English

Middlebury School in Irkutsk, Russia

Why study in Irkutsk?

  •   Live in a mid-sized city on the edge of the globally unique Lake Baikal.
  •   Explore the regional ties of the Russian Far East to Mongolia and China.
  •   Improve your Russian through intensive language study, homestays, and co-curricular activities
  •   Learn about Russian society through coursework, homestays, volunteering, internships, and the arts

Bard-Smolny Study Abroad Program

Why study in St. Petersburg with the Bard-Smolny Program?

  • Explore a city with a fascinating history that is one of Russia’s culturally most dynamic
  • Take a wide selection of courses in a unique American-style liberal arts program with Russian students
  • Learn about Russian society through coursework, homestays, volunteering, internships, and the arts


The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation (Syracuse) (fall)

Why study in Wroclaw?

  • a center of the region of Silesia in southwestern Poland, once a center of Jewish and German culture in Central-Eastern Europe
  • an intimate program uniquely focused on issues of ethnic and religious conflict across national borders in a society undergoing rapid economic and political transformation
  • coursework in English featuring travel to Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Vilnius, and Auschwitz

Central European Studies (CIEE)

Why study in Warsaw?

  • the capital of a country located in a crossroads of Central-Eastern Europe
  • one of the most successful countries in the region at making a transition from a state-controlled to a democratic, market-based system
  • coursework in English offered by faculty from the Warsaw School of Economics, the oldest and largest economics university in Poland, and several other institutions; field trips and other cultural activities in Poland and around Warsaw
  • Intensive study of Polish language (Grinnell requirement)

Trinity College In Rome

Why study on the Trinity in Rome program?

  • Attractive campus in the center of ancient Rome
  • Liberal arts curriculum with emphases in art history, classics, history, humanities, cultural and language studies
  • Intensive Italian language from the beginning level
  • Customized course options available for students of Latin and Greek
  • Internships available in museums, schools, community service, human rights