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Associated Colleges in China

Why study on the ACC program in Beijing?

  • Rigorous Chinese language and cultural studies with strict language pledge
  • Intensive small-group classes and one-to-one individual language instruction
  • Advanced readings and discussion in literature, history, philosophy, media, and film
  • Weekly language practicums focusing on use of Chinese outside of the class

IES Cape Town Program

Why study in South Africa?

  • highly diverse nation experiencing profound political, social, and economic changes
  • opportunity to study extremes of wealth and poverty
  • university classes with local students at University of Cape Town
  • field work in environmental studies, health studies and sociology

NEW “Where the Hell Is Grinnell?” T-shirt

An earlier T-shirt’s answer to that question -- “Who the Hell Cares?” -– not only belittled the College’s location but offended many people in the community.  Martha Orlet ’15 and Aaron Juarez ’15 wanted to create an alternative shirt with a better answer. Martha and Aaron, board members of the Center for Prairie Studies, proposed the idea to the full board. Several conversations and artistic designs later, we are pleased to offer an alternative “Where the Hell is Grinnell?” T-shirt.