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"Students have a lot of influence on this campus," says Pooj Padmaraj '13."They're not just going to class." He talks about how his work as a campus concerts coordinator and his religious studies major are two parts of a holistic Grinnell experience in which academics and cocurriculars often complement and reinforce one another.

Meet Grinnell in a minute and a half, then go deeper with our latest videos (below) about the diverse facets of the Grinnell experience:


We’re looking for applicants who have sought challenge and excelled academically, done well on standardized tests, and demonstrated commitment to activities beyond the classroom. We use the Common Application with a Grinnell Supplement, and strongly encourage you to apply online — we’ll waive the application fee if you do. We encourage you to apply early, and please contact us if you have questions about the application process.

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Our students have many different interests, just like you. Do you want to talk to a current student with interests similar to your own? If so, fill out this form and we'll find someone to talk with you. Please note: We offer this service for students who have already been admitted. To reduce the stress on our students, we ask you to sign up for our mailing list if you aren't an admitted student.