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Peace and Conflict Studies Program

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Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) Accepting Applications for New Student Members

Interested in planning events and building the PACS program on campus?

The Committee meets once every two weeks throughout the semester, planning events, discussing ways to build the program, and responding to funding requests.  Student members each take on one or two projects to work on during the year, attend meetings, and support PACS events.

Community Meditation

In addition to our major projects, the Peace and Conflict Studies Program provides continuing coordination and support for the small claims mediation program in Poweshiek County. On the third Mondays of every month, volunteer mediators handle cases scheduled for mediation at the Montezuma courthouse.

Volunteer small claims mediators:

Nancy Cadmus
Otto Hall
Val Vetter

A full list of undergraduate service opportunities is available through the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Program.