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For Calculus Help

Monday – Thursday : 9am - 5pm, 7pm - 10pm

Friday : 9am – 1pm

Sunday: 7pm-10pm

For Statistics Help

Monday, Thursday, Sunday: 7pm – 10pm

Tuesday: 8pm – 10pm

Math Lab

Academic Resource CentersLocation: Room 2012, Robert N. Noyce '49 Science Center

Director: Sue Norris

The Math Lab’s director and student tutors work to help you develop your abilities in calculus and statistics courses.

Robert N. Noyce ’49 Science Center

The facility includes refurbished teaching and research laboratories, classroom and office space, a science library, a computer laboratory, and several study areas. The addition connects two of the wings with a courtyard in between. The building houses the departments of biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, physics, and psychology. Containing modern scientific equipment and instrumentation, the facility has laboratories, classrooms, and seminar rooms, which are equipped with electronic and other modern instructional tools. The building also houses the Kistle Science Library and the Physics Historical Museum. In the northeast section of the building, a greenhouse is used as an instructional and research facility.