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GIL Courses

BIO 295: Blue Genes: How Modern Genetics Has Changed our View of Humanity

(Vida Praitis), 4 credits, prerequisites: none. Enrollment cap: 15. Counts for Biology major advanced elective credit.

GIL Fall 2016

Grinnell-in-London offers students and faculty who teach on the program the opportunity to learn as a community about this dynamic place, its history, and its people through a careful selection of courses, opportunities for cultural integration, and co-curricular activities.

Grinnell in London: An Experience on the Queen Mary Module

Grinnell is partnering with Queen Mary because of the reputation of its teaching and campus life, as well as the different perspective on London and the UK that students gain from Queen Mary’s location in London’s East End. Alex Odom ’16 shared highlights of her experience at Queen Mary as part of the program in fall 2014.

By participating in Grinnell-in-London, Alex was able to do research to complete her two years as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. The fellowship provides underrepresented minorities support on a path to a career in academics. Her research project compared the British and American civil rights movements and minority women’s roles. Alex appreciated having access to the entire campus with the library and study spaces at her disposal. The Queen Mary course, Race in the United States, was a highlight and enlightening on the British perspective on American history.

Alex was inspired to build on her experience in London when she learned that a Mellon Mays fellow at another institution had received a Fulbright award to study at Queen Mary. Alex has now accepted a Fulbright award to complete a master’s degree in history at Queen Mary and has deferred acceptance to a nationally ranked Ph.D. program in history in the U.S.

Grinnell in London Internships

Grinnell-in-London currently offers up to fifteen slots for internships, up to three in the British parliament and up to twelve at-large. Because the number of students in our program who can serve as interns is regulated by the UK Border Agency, selection of students for internship slots is usually competitive. Selection is based on students' academic records, the viability of matching a student's interests with the kinds of internships available in London, and the suitability of a student's background for a proposed internship.