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Final Examination Policies and Procedures

  1. College policy stipulates that neither students nor faculty members may make changes in the published examination schedule without prior approval of the Registrar. Students who have exam conflicts caused by the schedule should resolve these by discussion with the appropriate instructor.
  2. No exam or make-up exam should be held on Monday of exam week. Monday is considered a reading day and was approved by the faculty as a necessary free day due to concerns with student wellness during finals week.

Final Exam Schedule

FALL 2016 Exam Overview

Friday, December 09 First Semester Classes End
Saturday, December 10 Reading Day
Sunday, December 11 Reading Day
Monday, December 12 Reading Day
Tuesday, Dec. 13 to Friday, Dec. 16 Final Exams
Friday, December 16

Student Dates to Remember


First Semester, Fall 2016

Thursday, August 25
First Day of Classes
Friday, September 2
Final applications for Fall 297, 299, 387, 397, 399, 499 independent studies due from students off campus previous semester or students continuing a MAP.
Friday, September 9