Academic Affairs and Dean of the College

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Resources for New Faculty



You will be assigned a computer username (for email, file server storage, etc.) and a password. We highly recommend that you store all text and other data files on our file server (rather than your local hard drive) as these drives are far more reliable, backed up nightly and accessible from all campus. Networked laser printers are present in all academic buildings.

Additional information on faculty and staff resources is available at Information Technology Services.

Faculty Grant Request Form (Print Out)

Request to Committee for the Support of Faculty Scholarship

 Due in Dean's OfficeThird Friday in August - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-September)Third Friday in September - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-October)First Friday in February - Summer 499 MAP Funding requests (awarded by mid-March) third Friday in February - Summer Faculty Research/Scholarship grant requests (awarded by late March)

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