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Faculty Grant Request Form (Print Out)

Request to Committee for the Support of Faculty Scholarship

 Due in Dean's OfficeThird Friday in August - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-September)Third Friday in September - Academic Year grant requests (awarded by mid-October)First Friday in February - Summer 499 MAP Funding requests (awarded by mid-March) third Friday in February - Summer Faculty Research/Scholarship grant requests (awarded by late March)

DATE: ___________________________________________________________________________

Faculty Travel Request (Print Out)

Faculty Travel Request


NAME ___________________________________________________

_______ First Meeting; _______ Additional Meeting

1. Statement of plans

Meeting _________________________________________________

Dates ___________________________________________________

Location _________________________________________________

Check all that apply:

_____ attendance

_____ participant

_____ paper

_____ panelist

_____ by application

_____ by invitation


In the tutorial every entering student explores a topic of interest to the student and the instructor in a small group, discussion-intensive setting. The objectives of the tutorial are to illuminate methods of inquiry rather than to cover topics comprehensively, focusing particularly on writing, critical reading, oral communication, and information literacy skills.

MAPs at a Distance

A pilot group of MAPs directed from a distance was conducted in summer 2012. We will continue accepting proposals so the Curriculum Committee can formally evaluate the effectiveness and success of the program after sufficient data has been gathered. Summer MAP applications that require the faculty director and the student be separated for a significant amount of time during the standard 10-week period will be evaluated, but the guidelines below will be strictly enforced.

MAPs-at-a-Distance Guidelines

Faculty Salary Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs--Faculty Salary Reviews

July 23, 2013

TO: Department Chairs and Faculty with Salary Reviews

A number of questions about the salary process have arisen. These cover reviews for salary only, not those reviews as part of contract renewal or promotion.

How do I get the documents needed for a salary review?

You can download the Faculty Salary Review form directly from Sedona or ask your support assistant to do it for you.


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