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Study Abroad

Typically, students study abroad through IES (Institute for the International Education of Students). Most Grinnell German majors and many nonmajors select from off-campus study programs at one of the following locations:


Resources For Students

Research Resources

Burling's Subject Guide for Research in German: This is a great place to start for research. Through the Grinnell libraries, students can access a variety of databases with secondary literature appropriate for German students. However, the long list of resources can be overwhelming, so here a few databases we find especially helpful:

About Us

At Grinnell, all studies take place within a liberal arts framework, focusing on the study of German literature and culture through the contexts of the arts, history, social history, philosophy, and politics.

Alumni Recitation Hall (ARH)

The Alumni Recitation Hall contains classrooms for classes in the Social Studies and Humanities, as well as faculty offices for departments of foreign languages and Classics. The facilities also include a 158-seat screening auditorium, the multipurpose Meredith AudioVisual Center, and an additional computer lab with multiple printers for both classroom and general student use.

German Department

German is more than a language — the curriculum studies German culture, history, philosophy, literature, arts, and film; German House and a weekly German Table allow you to live the language with fellow students, native speakers, and visiting guests. You can cap off your experience with study abroad, a senior seminar, or an independent research project.

German House

More commonly known as German House, this college owned house is one of Grinnell’s five language houses. These houses are associated with their corresponding academic department. The purpose of the language house program is to provide students who speak, or are learning to speak, another language with an environment that is conducive to learning the language, culture, and customs of the country or countries of the language. To learn more about the language house program, visit the Residence Life Language Houses page.


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