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Las Estrellas de la Galaxia

Las Estrellas de la Galaxia, an after school Spanish language program for Grinnell area youths, seeks Grinnell College students to work at the Davis and Galaxy after school programs teaching Spanish to K-4th graders using games, music and crafts or leading a high school Spanish club.

For more information or to apply, please contact Claire Moisan.

Student Organization of Latinos/as

Student Organization for Latinos and Latinas (SOL) is "designed to focus on the unique cultural experiences of students of Latino heritage. Our organization coordinates activities highlighting the cultural diversity of the Latino community and aims especially to educate the campus community about the Latino community in the United States. We seek to break down and eliminate common stereotypes and to assert the impact--political, cultural, and economic--of Latinos and Latinas throughout society."

Spanish Lab

Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7 - 9 p.m., in ARH 223 (Spanish Seminar Room)

The Spanish Language Assistant and two tutors are available to help students with oral, listening, reading, and writing practice. This assistance is principally offered for students in the first four semesters.

The tutors working in the Spanish Lab this semester are:

Anam Aslam, Farida El Habashy, Ellie Stevens, Isaac Walker, Elena Gartner and Kendall Grannis

Departmental Awards and Fellowships

Helena Percas de Ponseti Senior Award

In the spring of 2000 former Grinnell Spanish professor Helena Percas de Ponseti generously established an endowment that permits the Department of Spanish to recognize the superior achievement of a graduating major through an award of $2500.The Department will select a senior Spanish major taking into account the following criteria:


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