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Mentored Advanced Project (HIS 499)

A history MAP normally follows work begun in a 300-level history seminar, so that the student can undertake exhaustive research on a precisely defined topic to produce a paper as close as possible in quality to the articles published in history journals. MAP proposals unrelated to a seminar will be considered, but in that case students must demonstrate that they are already familiar with the most important scholarly works published in their proposed field of inquiry.

Comprehensive List of Seminars

The culmination of the history major is a junior-senior level seminar that provides an in-depth examination of a period, theme, or issue of historical importance. This document is a comprehensive listing of all seminars that have been offered, have been considered, or will possibly be offered by members of the department faculty since the inception of these web pages. They are offered as a resource for those wishing to know more about advanced study in history within the department.

The Major

The basic requirement is 32 credits of work in history with a grade of C or higher, 20 of which must be earned within the History Department of Grinnell College, with at least two 300-level history seminars taken at Grinnell (each taught by a different professor). All students must take HIS 100, as well as courses at the 200-level in at least three different geographic regions. With permission, four of the 32 credits may be taken in related studies, and/or up to eight credits in off-campus study.