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History At Grinnell

The discipline of history poses complex questions about the experiences of humans over time. Historians develop, challenge, and revise narratives and interpretations of the past with an eye toward understanding both the subjects of their study and the implications of such knowledge for the present.


The History Department Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) is a student-faculty liaison group which provides the faculty with student input on professors, candidates, curriculum, and other department issues. It also organizes various student events, such as study breaks. There are currently eight members of the History SEPC.

  1. Sam Dunnington '14 
  2. Hayes Gardner '15 
  3. Matthew Lewis '14 
  4. Clare Mao '14 
  5. Patricia Murphy-Geiss '14 
  6. Meg Rudy '14 
  7. Liz Sawka '15 
  8. Dana Sly '15 


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