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Weekly Seminars

The chemistry department hosts a weekly seminar on Thursdays at noon, presented by visiting speakers, students who have completed research, and faculty members. Topics range from academic lectures to discussions about careers and research opportunities in chemistry.

For more information, please contact the department chair, Professor Mark Levandoski.




  • 4 Gas Chromatographs- Capillary HP5890 SERIES II
  • Gas Chromatograph-Thermo Trace Ultra w/mass spec detector
  • Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatograph- Waters Acquity w/mass spec detector
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph- HP1090 w/DA detector
  • 4 BioLogic LP low-pressure chromatography systems

Mass Spectrometry

  • GC-MS Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer-Thermo ITQ with Trace Ultra GC
  • Ion Trap with Electrospray Ionization-Finnigan LCQ


SEPC (Student Educational Policy Committee) Members

Send an email to one of your friendly SEPC members:

Alyssa Manz '13

Jonathan Adams '13

Callie Casey '14

Stephanie Spahr '14

Elizabeth Phelan '14

Chemistry Department

As a chemistry student, you’ll enjoy small classes (including introductory chemistry), significant original research experiences in our modern laboratories, wide ranging student-faculty collaboration, varying teaching methods that serve diverse learning styles, and opportunities to teach others through our mentor program.


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