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SURE III Information for Faculty Members and Research Directors

Initial information on each participating research program and institution will be collected from a faculty member or program director known in the SURE as the Corresponding Program Coordinator (CPC). The information collected from the CPC will be used to create the lists of participating institutions, research programs, and sources of funding to use in the student survey. Other data will remain confidential and will be used to communicate means and aggregates back to the participating institutions. CPCs will receive a summary report of their student responses, including averages.


Welcome. The three surveys described below - the Preflection, the SURE III, and the Follow Up - are supported by funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes. The surveys are being conducted by Professor David Lopatto of Grinnell College, and the surveys are hosted by a commercial site, Vovici. The data are analyzed by Prof. Lopatto and Ms. Leslie Jaworski, Electronic Survey Data Analyst for the project.