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Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies

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Mentored Advanced Projects

Upon completing their second year at Grinnell, students in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies are eligible to participate in the Colleges Mentored Advanced Project (MAP) Program. The following profiles of past student MAPs highlight the variety of topics that students can pursue in this unique opportunity for scholarly inquiry.


Primarily, the SEPC acts as a liaison to provide the GWSS Committee with student feedback on many elements of the program's operation, such as various internal professor reviews, curriculum design and program-sponsored events. Although only elected chairs attend monthly GWSS Curriculum Committee meetings and are responsible for pioneering such projects, all students are welcome to regular SEPC meetings to discuss student concerns and review projects. The GWSS SEPC also hosts fun events for GWSS faculty and students.


Resources for Students

On-Campus Resources

Student Groups and Library Resources related to Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies can be helpful for students interested in research, activism, or otherwise engaging with the GWSS curriculum.