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Neuroscience Research

Pioneering Neuroscience Journal

Frequency:  Annually
Unit:  Neuroscience
Contact Person:  Clark Lindgren
The Grinnell Journal of Neurophysiology

The articles collected in these volumes represent original contributions to the field of neuroscience by students in Biology 150: Introduction to Biological Inquiry "The Language of Neurons", and Biology 363: Neurobiology. 

Go to the Pioneering Neuroscience journal at digital.grinnell.edu.

Neuroscience Concentration

As a neuroscience concentrator, you use methods and theories spanning disciplines from biochemistry to psychology to investigate the function of the nervous system. You can participate in an annual neuroscience retreat, middle school outreach, and a capstone seminar, along with cross-divisional electives in art, music, theatre, philosophy, education, and social studies. This concentration can prepare you for advanced study in neuroscience or careers in biotechnology, governmental, pharmaceutical, health care, and social service organizations.