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College contemplates wind turbines to lower carbon footprint, costs

Tue, 2012-04-24 07:51 | By Anonymous (not verified)

The Grinnell College Board of Trustees initiated a series of studies at its February meeting designed to result in a wind farm to supply power for college use. College officials are now preparing a financing plan, performing feasibility studies and considering locations to gather information for a detailed plan for the trustees. The studies, which could take as much as two years, will assess a wind farm estimated at three turbines costing around $13 million and possibly supplying as much as half the college’s power consumption.

Notes from a Comments Watcher April 2012

Tue, 2012-04-10 13:41 | By Anonymous (not verified)

As the strategic planning year draws to a close we ponder what sort of document the plan might generate.  The full compilation of ideas, emails, data, minutes of group meetings, and other documents created during the year would accumulate into a large volume.  What we have in mind, however, is a compact statement of strategic aspirations and directions.  The strategic plan document is more likely to be a small manual than an encyclopedia. It will be most useful if it fits in a pocket, or on a Smartphone.