When Will I Register for Fall Classes?

Mon, 2014-08-04 03:24 | By Anonymous (not verified)

During New Student Orientation - on August 24, 25, and 26 - you will have meetings with your faculty adviser. After discussing your academic goals and interests with you faculty adviser and planning your final schedule, you'll submit your final registration on Tuesday, August 26. On Wednesday, August 27, you will have a chance to make changes to your schedule if necessary. Review the Academic Planning for New Students G​u​i​de on selecting courses.

Disability and Diversity

Jen Brooks ’15 sits in a yoga-like pose on a blue gymnastics mat on the floor of her bedroom in Lazier Hall. She faces a wide-screen Mac on a table about 4 inches off the floor. Flowers and 21st birthday cards decorate the nearby windowsill.

Using a joystick and a separate switch that works like a mouse button, Brooks opens a reading assignment for a sociology class. A male computer voice reads quickly — Brooks could slow it down, but she likes it fast. As the voice reads, the text is highlighted in yellow on the screen.


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