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From a Distance

Photographer Lorna Bieber builds her monumental installations from the vast array of images that activate contemporary culture. Through an intense process of taking and remaking these found images, Bieber creates a visual language that evokes memories of past worlds while stoking the imagination to conjure new ones.

Wild Horses

Scott Robert Hudson's project was inspired by a back-country encounter with wild horses in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. It synthesizes three metaphors: the socio-ecology of the North American wild horse herds; the atmospherics of the Paleolithic caves of southern France; and the human drama of the Ghost Dance.

Animals Among Us

Animals Among Us takes as its premise that we define, structure, and connect with the animal realm in a wide, complex network of relationships that inform our understanding of ourselves as humans. Developed by 10 student curators in the seminar "Captured Creatures" (Fall 2012), the exhibition uses works of art and other artifacts from Grinnell College collections to unpack the connections between humans and animals, and to address—or call into question—the binaries we often think about in relation with animals (wild/domestic, biological/cultural, self/other, human/animal).

Robert Polidori: Selected Works, 1985-2009

For more than 25 years, Robert Polidori, the noted architectural and editorial photographer, has been photographing historic sites around the world as diverse as the Castro regime's Havana, post-Katrina New Orleans, post-human Chernobyl, and the Palace of Versailles. This exhibition features 60 large-scale color photographs from these and other ongoing projects. A full-color, hardcover catalogue for the exhibition, co-published by the Faulconer Gallery and Steidl Publishers, Germany, is available.