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Note: A pledge merely identifies your intent to make a gift, and authorizes the College to issue reminders of this intent. By filling out a pledge form, you are under no obligation to make a gift right now.

Full Information update

Update Your Information
Update the information that Grinnell College has on file for you. Accurate contact information means that you will continue to receive alumni publications like the Grinnell Magazine, letters from your class, and other information about the College.

Campus Photo Gallery

[image:29763|image-size-large|node/44600|align=right,margin=10px]The images shown are provided courtesy of Grinnell College for your use with the accompanying captions and photo credits.
Additional photos are available upon request--architecture, events, campus life.

Communication Project Job Request

Please fill out this form to start a publication project. Once you complete the form, a publications team member will schedule a meeting with you. At that meeting, you and the publications team will discuss the project in detail. Following that meeting, the publications team will create a workflow and production schedule that outlines the projects steps and deadlines and the roles and responsibilities of all involved.
We look forward to working with you!