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Family Weekend Features Pep Fest Parade

In celebration of the diversity of Grinnell's student body, Enthusiasm invites all student groups to participate in the fourth annual Pep Fest Parade during Family Weekend. This parade will occur on Friday, September 26 beginning at 4:30 pm on 8th Avenue. Students are invited to showcase their talents be it through dance, art, or costume. You can decorate a car (which you would provide) or find any other creative way to identify your group. We envision this parade lasting no longer than 30 minutes but we invite you all to stay for the all campus fest which follows, where you are welcome to set up games or other fun activities. There will be a live DJ and a bouncy castle. All that we ask is that you respond with a yes or no by Wednesday September 24 to Chanyce Williams. As always, we invite you all to come out to walk with your athletic teams.