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The department requires that a student take at least one 200-level anthropology course before taking ANT 280. Students must have at least one 200 level course in cultural or linguistic anthropology to enroll in ANT 292.

Got Grit? Panel

Got Grit? Take a break from studying and learn how grit can help you succeed in stressful times. Join panelists from the faculty, writing lab, student affairs, athletics, CLS, SHACS, and wellness in discussing what it means to have grit and how you can persevere in tough times.

Tuesday, March 11th 

ARH 305 

Main Hall Lounge 

Academic Policies

Although Grinnell College is noted for its open curriculum -- consistent with our philosophy of self-governance -- the College is not without a significant number of policies related to a student's academic life. As a student you should know that often there is little or no flexibility within these policies and that, in some cases, not following them can have significant academic consequences. If you have questions about any of the following policies or other procedures at the College first consult the Student Handbook.