Academic Advising

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Career and Graduate Study Planning


Career and Post-Graduate Study Planning

As an academic adviser, the CDO relies on you as the first connection in the career development of our students. Below they list many reasons you could send one of your students to see a staff member there. Other resources, such as the Office of Social Commitment and the Community Service Program, can be equally helpful in students' career decision-making and experiential learning. Career Development Office (1127 Park Street, x4940) assists students in their career development through a variety of ways:

Internship Guidelines


Internship Guidelines

Students at Grinnell College may participate in a range of internship opportunities both during the academic year and in the summer. Summer internships are available throughout the world with options for variable credit and funding for first-, second- and third-year students. Fourth-year students may only apply for academic year internships. Many summer internships receive Grinnell College funding through one of three categories:  GRINNELLLINK (internships arranged by Grinnell College Alumni) and Grant or Endowed Programs.


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