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Fri, 2013-01-04 02:24 | By Anonymous (not verified)


As the Rooster Crows: News from St. Rodrigue High School

Co-Authored with Rachel Glass, Grinnell Corps: Lesotho, 2010-11


Your clothes are red,

Covering all your body,

But that gives us sign,

You mean you are Dangerous

Who are you?

Standing akimbo,

On the Thabana-Ntlenyana,

The highest mountain

To see all the youth,

Who are you?

Day in the Life

Fri, 2013-01-04 02:23 | By Anonymous (not verified)

If I haven't been awakened by the roosters already, my alarm gets me up about 6:30. I used to get up closer to 6:00 and go jogging with Ali twice a week, but I've gotten lazy and its getting to cold for me to jog. If it was sunny the day before, there's the chance of warm water for a bath. Sometimes when it hasn't gotten too cold the night before, we both get a bath. Otherwise, we've fallen into a more or less alternating day schedule on hygiene.