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Budgeting and Housing

This may be the first time you will be searching for your own housing and living on your own away from family and Grinnell. Whether you are getting paid by your internship organization, receiving a College stipend, or you are using your savings, you may be wondering how you will be able to effectively manage your finances to ensure that you can cover your expenses throughout your entire internship. Below are online resources to help you secure summer housing as well as some basic budgeting tips provided by the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG).

Academic Credit

No Grinnell College academic major or concentration requires an internship as a part of its coursework.  Most Grinnell students do not receive academic credit for their internships. Students who do pursue credit-bearing internships typically have specific reasons for doing so, including:
•    Academic credit is highly encouraged for a concentration (e.g. Global Development Studies or Technology Studies);
•    The student has an F-1 visa and is getting paid,  so therefore needs academic credit for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) work authorization;


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