Biology Faculty

Eckhart Vince

Department Chair: Biology

My students and I try to determine: (1) how natural selection shapes plant reproduction, life history, and physiology; and (2) why plant species occur where they... read more


Evolutionary Ecology

The study of biodiversity has historically been conducted within two disciplines, with community ecologists addressing the mechanisms that maintain diversity and... read more

Burrack Laura
Assistant Professor

Molecular Cell Biology/Genetics

I am interested in how organisms, particularly microorganisms and cancer cells, balance genome stability with adaptation to stress. In the Burrack lab, our... read more

Campbell, David
Henry R. Luce Professor of Nations and the Global Environment

Department Chair : Environmental Studies

Tropical Ecology

My research is in the ecology and species composition of tropical and subtropical forests in both the Paleotropics and... read more

DeRidder ben
Associate Professor

Plant Molecular Biology

My research focuses on the response of plants to environmental stress at the molecular and biochemical levels, and utilizes both crop and model plant species. Most... read more


Microbial Genetics/Molecular Biology

I am interested in DNA repair mechanisms and recombination. These processes are essential for the protection of organisms from DNA-damaging agents such... read more

Associate Professor

Department Chair, Biological Chemistry

I am interested in microbial diversity and bacterial adaptations to the environment.  I currently work with undergraduate researchers on two... read more

Associate Professor

I am an ecosystem ecologist teaching at Grinnell College - a four-year liberal arts undergraduate institution in Iowa, U.S.A. All faculty in the Biology Department teach the introductory course (... read more

Associate Professor

I am a fungal biologist and I teach in the Biology Department at Grinnell College - a four-year liberal arts undergraduate institution in Iowa, U.S.A. In our department, all faculty members teach... read more

Assistant Professor
Patricia A. Johnson Professor of Neuroscience

On Leave Academic Year 2012-2013   Animal Physiology/Neurobiology Neuroscience Web Site In my laboratory we study the chemical synapse, a specialized junction where neurons communicate with... read more

Associate Professor

Developmental Genetics and Cell Biology

Directed changes in the shape of epithelial sheets are required to create many of the major tissues in animals, including the intestinal system,... read more

Member, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee

Comparative physiology and functional morphology; exercise physiology & psychology I was originally trained as a comparative physiologist and functional morphologist, but since coming to Iowa... read more


Plants, like animals, begin life as a single cell, the fertilized egg or zygote. This single cell undergoes growth, cell division and differentiation to produce an embryo, or immature plant. This... read more

Assistant Professor

Current focus of the lab - in a nutshell.

The actin-based motor protein called myosin-10 appears to contribute to the proper structure and function of the mitotic spindle,... read more


Cell Biology / Developmental Biology

I am interested in the formation of sensory structures during neural development in vertebrate embryos. Most of my work with students at Grinnell has... read more




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