Investment Office Staff

Carlson Paige
Director of Investment Operations

Paige L. Carlson is the Director of Investment Operations for Grinnell College. In this capacity, she is responsible for maintaining a robust investment infrastructure and integrating investment... read more

Andrew Choquette
Director of Investments

Andrew Choquette is the Director of Investments for Grinnell College. In this role, he evaluates equity, fixed income, real assets, private, and absolute return opportunities. Andrew monitors... read more

Angela Clement
Associate Director of Investments

Angela N. Clement is the Associate Director of Investments for Grinnell College.  Clement assists with the management of the endowment fund's private investments, including buyout, distressed,... read more

Jessica Dillon
Senior Investment Analyst

Jessica C. Dillon is a Senior Investment Analyst for Grinnell College. In this role, Dillon assists the Chief Investment Officer and Associate Director of Investments with analysis of various... read more

Ellis, Donnette
Administrative Assistant II

Donnette Ellis has been serving as Administrative Assistant II supporting both the Office of Investments and the Office of Community Enhancement & Engagement since 2012.  In the dual capacity... read more

Administrative Support Assistant

Nicole Froah has been serving as the Administrative Support Assistant for the Office of Investments in the Des Moines location since 2014. She provides administrative support including document... read more

Senior Investment Operations Analyst

Kelly Sandquist is the Senior Investment Operations Analyst for Grinnell College.  In this capacity, she is responsible for monitoring and recording the daily and monthly investment activity,... read more

Scott Wilson
Chief Investment Officer

Scott L. Wilson is the Chief Investment Officer for Grinnell College. In this role, he evaluates global investment themes and strategies within equities, fixed income, real assets, and marketable... read more