Sociology Faculty

Associate Professor

Department Chair, Sociology

Karla is a feminist ethnographer of labor. She studies interaction and community in market exchanges. Her first book,... read more

Associate Professor
Center for International Studies Director

David Cook-Martín is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College and director of its Center for International Studies. As a political sociologist, his work focuses on migration and... read more

Assistant Professor

Susan Ferguson is Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College, where she has taught for over 20 years. Ferguson regularly teaches Introduction to Sociology, and her critically acclaimed anthology... read more

Professor, Senior Faculty

My academic interests focus on the intersection of psychological and sociological social psychology, the organizational analysis of non-profit organizations, and deviance and criminology. I have... read more

Assistant Professor

I was born in Ottawa and grew up in Vancouver. I taught high school English for five years before moving to New York to begin my graduate studies in the Sociology Program at the City University of... read more

Member, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee

Scholarly Activities: Noyce Faculty Study Grant, "A Cybernetic Model of Human Behavior" Summer/Fall 1998. Co-Project Director (with Christopher Hunter), "Ethnographic Study of a Human-Services... read more

Kathleen (Casey) Oberlin
Assistant Professor

Before arriving at Grinnell College, I received a PhD in Sociology from Indiana University. Prior to that I completed a BA and an MA in Sociology as well as a Master’s Certificate in Women’s and... read more


She is an internationally renowned Diversity Trainer/Consultant, an Associate Professor of American Studies and Sociology at Grinnell College, and an award-winning writer.  Kesho was a founding... read more