Photographer: Robyn Berardo

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for faculty and staff program, policy, and communication needs. It maintains employment policies, holiday/summer hours, training and development programs; publishes the staff handbook; and is responsible for staff recognition and announcing staff achievements. You can also find information about benefits changes, telecommuting, wellness, educational assistance, and weather or emergency closure through the human resources office.



Alexis Steele, Bookstore Assistant, Pioneer Bookshop, May 9 


Teresa McCall, Guest Housing and Special Programming Coordinator, Conference Operations and Events, April 28




Louis Groce, Midwest Conference – Director of Media and Information, Midwest Conference, May 7
Michael Brus ’14, Building Proctor, Athletics, May 20 – August 27


Leslie Bean, Post-Baccalaureate...


  • CPR Training
    Rosenfield Center 101
    Wed Aug 20
    7 p.m
  • NSO/New Hire Paperwork - Carrie Campbell
    Rosenfield Center 209 (B&C)
    Fri Aug 22
    8 a.m