Major Advisors

Lakesia Johnson (GWSS, English) (Students interested in declaring a GWSS major must meet with the department chair)

Affiliated Faculty

Faculty who teach electives that count for the GWSS major and those faculty who have agreed to be advisers for the program:

*Indicates faculty who are willing to advise double majoring in GWSS in their department

Stephen Andrews (English)

Jenny Anger* (Art History)

Shanna Benjamin (English)

Jee-Weon Cha (Music)

Jennifer Dobe* (Philosophy)

Timothy Dobe (Religious Studies)

Caleb Iyer Elfenbein* (Religious Studies, History)

Karla A. Erickson (Sociology)

Brigittine M. French* (Anthropology)

Theresa L. Geller (English)

Katya Gibel Mevorach (Anthropology, American Studies)

Ross Haenfler (Sociology)

Kelly Herold Russian)

Chris Hunter (Sociology)

Susan Ireland* (French)

Carolyn Herbst Lewis (History)

Mary Johanna Meehan (Philosophy)

Kathleen Oberlin (Sociology)

Mirzam C Pérez* (Spanish)

John Petrus* (Spanish)

Elizabeth J Queathem* (Biology)

Lee Running* (Art)

Javier Samper Vendrell (German)

Erik Simpson (English)

Maria Tapias (Anthropology)