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Cambridge Associates on Campus

The Center for Careers, Life, and Service is developing a recruiting relationship with Cambridge Associates LLC, a privately held independent consulting firm. The firm, headquartered in Arlington, Va., provides consulting and investment oversight services to more than 900 clients worldwide. Cambridge Associates is looking to expand their list of core recruiting schools and is very interested in Grinnell College students.

March 4-5, Casey McIntyre, managing director at Cambridge, will be on campus to interview Grinnell students for their operations associate role, a solid entry-level position for students interested in a career in business, investments, and/or financial services. The full position description is posted in PioneerLink. The operations associate position at Cambridge Associate is open to all majors, but candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

McIntyre will be hosting an information session at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 4, in Rosenfield Center Room 209 and invites students to attend to hear more about the company and opportunities. [This event was rescheduled from Monday, March 3 due to weather.]

Members of the Department Attend JMM

Over winter break, several members of the department attended the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore, the largest annual gathering of mathematicians and statisticians in the world. Chris Hellmann ('16) and Brennan Langenbach ('16) presented a poster entitled "Symplectic Transformations as R-Lagrangian Subspaces"€ based on MAP research from the previous summer. David Brown ('14) also presented a poster entitled "Enumeration and Projection Dependence of 1-Singular Knots" from his summer research at James Madison University. Recent alumna Bridget Toomey ('13) gave a talk on "Novel Approaches for Evaluating Phases and Orientations of Polycrystalline Structures". 

Faculty members in attendance included Professor Marc Chamberland who gave a talk on "Averaging Structure in the 3x 1 Problem"€, Professor Emily Moore, Professor Tom Moore, and Professor Shonda Kuiper who presented a talk "Designing Simulated Experiments in the Introductory Statistics Course"€, along with being a co-author on two other talks, and presenting a poster "Playing games with a Purpose: A New Approach to Teaching and Learning Statistics€". 

Professors Marc Chamberland and Chris French also exhibited a piece in the juried mathematical art exhibition (picture above).

Professor Marc Chamberland joins the editorial board for Math Horizons

Prof. Chamberland will be a member of the editorial board for the magazine Math Horizons from 2014-2018. Math Horizons, published four times a year, is a vibrant and accessible forum for mathematics, especially with students in mind. You can find issues of this magazine spread across the Math Commons.

Research in Mathematics and Statistics

Research Opportunities at Grinnell

Current Grinnell College students will find a list of research opportunities on the Science Division GrinnellShare site (login required). You will find descriptions for research projects with professors on campus, as well as a number of off-campus opportunities.

Faculty Research Areas

  • Jeffrey Blanchard: Applied Mathematics, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, Wavelets, Compressed Sensing.

Interested in a career in Actuarial Science?

Representatives from Nationwide Insurance will be on campus Tuesday, Sept 17 to discuss the actuarial profession and recruit for summer internships or careers. There will be a MASSS with the representatives, at noon in Noyce 2022 , and there will be individual meetings to talk to them in the afternoon. They will also have an all-campus presentation on the actuarial field at 4:15 PM in JRC 209.

You can learn more about careers through Nationwide here:

If you want to learn more about what actuaries due, check here:

American Mathematical Society Publishes Book Co-authored by Emily Moore

In July, the book "Difference Sets: Connecting Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry" by Emily Moore and her co-author, Harriet Pollatsek was published. An early version of the book was used by Professor Moore in a Senior Seminar course here at Grinnell in the Spring of 2012. The back cover describes the book as follows.

"Difference sets belong both to group theory and to combinatorics. Studying them requires tools from geometry, number theory, and representation theory. This book lays a foundation for these topics, including a primer on representations and characters of finite groups. It makes the research literature on difference sets accessible to students who have studied linear algebra and abstract algebra, and it prepares them to do their own research."


Tom Moore Co-authors Statistics Textbook

In December of 2012, W.H. Freeman published “Stat 2: Building Models for a World of Data.”

The book was co-authored by members of the Statistics in the Liberal Arts Workshop (SLAW), a group of statisticians at liberal arts colleges that has been meeting annually since 1987.

Tom Moore founded this group with Rosemary Roberts of Bowdoin and he is one of the co-authors of the book. “The book is a project we had thought of for several years before finally beginning the writing of it about 5 years ago. We saw a niche for a textbook that would fill the needs of students who had taken an introductory statistics course and wanted or needed more. By focusing our presentation on statistical modeling, we give students a very powerful and flexible approach to dealing with the wide variety of data they will encounter in their future work.”