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The Science Education Alliance Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (SEA CURE) pre-course survey is an instrument for student assessment of their experience with the National Genomics Research Initiative (NGRI) funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Students in this program are participating in a inquiry-based introductory biology course modeled from the work of Dr. Graham Hatfull (e.g., Hatfull, et al. 2006). The outcomes include both new knowledge and, as Hatfull et al.

RISC Survey

The Research on the Integrated Science Curriculum (RISC) surveys (there are 3) are part of a research program initiated by the Interdisciplinary Learning Consortium, whose founding members represent Carleton College, Grinnell College, Hope College, St. Olaf College, and Whitman College. The Interdisciplinary Learning Consortium is funded by grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The methodology follows the successful methodology of Prof. Lopatto's current survey project, Classroom Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE). As with the CURE methodology, there are three surveys.

CURE Survey

The Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) survey grew out of a creative collaboration of faculty from Grinnell College, Hope College, Harvey Mudd College, and Wellesley College, funded by HHMI. The CURE may be used as a pretest-posttest or posttest-only survey to measure student experiences in "research-like" or other science courses.

Psychology Department

Studying psychology, you learn how to read texts closely, design and conduct laboratory research and use related technology, and analyze and interpret statistics. In courses you investigate the natural science and principles of behavior and learn how to ethically apply them to alleviate suffering. You can also participate in the Journal Club, independent study, and internships. Majors can go on to graduate studies or careers in teaching, scientific research, clinical work, medicine, law, and more.