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If you experience sexual misconduct...

Immediate Actions

Students who experience an incident of sexual misconduct should consider the following immediate actions:

1. Contact Campus Safety & Security (641) 269-4600 (24 hrs.) or law enforcement (911)

Sexual Respect at Grinnell College

Grinnell College expects that all members of the College community – students, faculty, staff, and friends – should be able to pursue their work and education in a safe environment, free from sexual coercion, violence, or intimidation. The College is committed to fostering a safe campus environment where sexual misconduct and violence are unacceptable, and where survivors or those who believe they were harmed by another person are provided support and avenues of redress as appropriate.

Emergency Resources

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Resource Card

Campus Security

RLC's on Call

Hospital E.R.

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHACS)

Iowa Local Health Center

Safe Rides

Suicide Hotline

Grinnell Police Department

Substance Abuse Treatment/SATUCI

Domestic Violence Alternatives/Sexual Assault Center

National Weather Service

Powshiek County Mental Health Center






Grinnell Corps

Grinnell Corps

As part of its historic commitment to social justice and responsibility, and in an attempt to match the talents and idealism of our students with the needs of our local and global communities, Grinnell College has created the Grinnell Corps: an opportunity for new graduates to join one of six one-year, post-graduation service programs.



Awarded for outstanding academic achievements, the Trustee Honor Scholarship is merit assistance and does not have to be repaid. If you are receiving grant, loan, or employment assistance in addition to the Trustee Honor Scholarship indicated on your award notification, you must complete Grinnell's regular application process by our published deadline each year. Once you have paid your deposit, a special certificate for the Trustee Honor Scholarship will be sent to your high school principal for presentation at graduation or honor ceremonies.


Joining a Music Department ensemble is an enjoyable, hands-on way of exploring music you might not encounter in any other way, guided by faculty who are experts in the field. It can provide you with an experience that is intellectually stimulating, aesthetically rewarding, and fun to do with your friends.


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