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Lazier Hall

Lazier Hall is the southernmost of the residence halls framing the east edge of campus, and it’s distinctive curved roof softens the profile of the tallest building on campus. Constructed of white Iowa limestone, Lazier Hall is connected to the East Campus residence halls by a roofed loggia. Large windows in the first-floor lounge give the space an open, accessible feel. Lazier Hall features air conditioning, laundry facilities, four kitchens, a handicap-accessible elevator, six student lounges, and a computer lab with a printer. The rooms are assigned as singles and doubles.

Rawson Hall

Rawson Hall is recognizable by its tower, the southern of the two towers that are a central feature of the North Campus range of residences, at the corner of Park Street and Ninth Avenue. Resembling the gate of Hampton Court Palace, it aligns with a parallel gate that is part of Rose Hall on East Campus. It, with Gates to the immediate north, forms part of the “equinox pathway”. Early risers on the morning of the vernal equinox can view the sunrise directly to the east through two campus archways — the Rose Hall arch and the Rawson/Gates Tower arch. Rawson Hall features four student lounges and one kitchen. The rooms are assigned as singles, doubles, and triples.

Rathje Hall

Rathje Hall is the northernmost of the East Campus residence halls located between 8th and 10th Avenues. Rathje Hall helps frame the east edge of campus along East Street. A roofed loggia connects the Iowa limestone halls, and a grove of trees and a new garden area border the residence halls. Each floor features 22 to 25 beds and a lounge/study area. Ground floor public spaces are designed to encourage interaction among the students. The new residence halls were designed by William Rawn Associates to complement, but not duplicate, the dormitories President John H.T. Main built more than 90 years ago. Rathje Hall features three student lounges, one kitchen, laundry facilities, a handicap-accessible elevator, and air conditioning. The rooms are assigned as singles and doubles.

Norris Hall

Norris Hall features air conditioning, a computer lab with a printer, one kitchen, and four student lounges, one of which contains a piano. The rooms are singles and doubles.