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Selected Research Projects and Students

  • Non-proton NMR/MRI - Fatemeh Elahi '12, Andrew Marcum '12
  • Quantum... read more
B J Breen
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Selected Research Students & Projects:

Nicholas Hill '09, "€œObservations of the Crab Pulsar Light Curve at Optical Wavelengths"

Rosie Malsberger '09, "Galactic Spectroscopy: The... read more

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Professor, Emeritus

Selected Research Students & Projects

Greg Dyer '04, "Magnetic phase diagrams of RCo2Ge2 single crystals."Xu Wang '04, "Effect of site dilution on magnetic... read more

Duke Charlie
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Current Research Interests

The study of high-energy gamma-rays incident on the earth's atmosphere from astrophysical sources through the Veritas... read more

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Assistant Professor

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  Selected Research Students & Projects Eric Larson '06 and Mahi Demissie '06: Low-energy positron spectroscopy. Claire Christensen '03: Quantum theory of light. Liz Hipp '06, Kat Gray '06,... read more

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