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Tina Elfenbein

Tina Elfenbein
Senior Assistant Director of Admission
Email: elfenbet[at]grinnell[dot]edu

What I Do

Work with some pretty tremendous colleagues in the offices of Admission and Communications to effectively communicate the awesomeness that is Grinnell to prospective students ... through print publications, email, video, the web. Meet with prospective students when they visit campus and occasionally on the road. Try not to use marketing speak because it doesn't do Grinnell justice. Read novels ... I spent the summer with Penelope Lively, Tessa Hadley, John Updike, and Nell Freudenberger. Watch my kindergartener make art and stand in awe, because I'm useless with markers and crayons.

What I Did

Grew up in Lexington, MA. Stayed in New England for college, where I majored in religion. Earned a graduate degree in theological studies from Harvard and, happily, met my husband. Graduated from law school (an obvious next step after graduate school?). Practiced law in NYC for two years. Lived in Boston, Maine, California, Tokyo and Brooklyn, NY. Moved to Iowa when my husband took a teaching job at Grinnell.

What I Love

My fairly reticent husband and my very chatty daughter. Our giant dog. French fries with mayo. Travel – I'm always happy to be back in New England or NYC or Tokyo. My friends ... those I can walk to and those I need to fly many hours to see. Spicy condiments. Filling my bookshelves. Coffee made in a French press. My friend Alice's boutique in Park Slope. Fresh flowers. Stripes. A good challenge. Making lists of things I love. Sarcasm. My husband and daughter (yes, it seemed like it was important to mention them twice).

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3612

On-Campus Address: 

223 John Chrystal Center
Grinnell, IA 50112