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Grinnell College National Poll

Grinnell College National Poll Paused Until 2026-2027 Academic Year

The Grinnell College National Poll will be paused for the 2024-26 academic years. This pause comes as the poll nears the completion of the four-year project authorized by President Anne F. Harris to investigate the health of American democracy by analyzing attitudes about liberty, equality, and the institutions of liberal democracy. The pause will be used to assess how to continue to meet the poll’s goals of providing innovative teaching and research opportunities and generating national visibility for the College.

    We ask tough questions. We strive to think bigger.

    Grinnell College has a long history of exploring issues of purpose. This legacy, coupled with our focus on engaging students and celebrating diverse perspectives, has been the foundation of the Grinnell College National Poll.

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    March 2024 Results

    Consensus on Protecting Kids from Social Media, But Not School Shootings

    Wide-ranging survey reveals Americans’ division on Biden’s job performance and Trump’s candidacy, a cease-fire in Gaza, college sports, and more.


    October 2023 Results

    Biden and Trump in a Dead Heat

    President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump would be in a dead heat among likely voters if the 2024 general election was held today.

    Watch the Media Briefing.

    Poll Reveals Americans’ Distrust of Artificial Intelligence

    Americans are skeptical about the impact of AI, with a plurality of 46% of respondents saying that these technologies will have a negative impact on their lives.

    March 2023 Results

    Biden Favorability Leads Trump, Other Potential Candidates Tested

    Two-thirds of Americans say businesses should not have the right to deny service based on sexual orientation as the Supreme Court decision looms.

    Majorities of Americans Approve of Citizens and Elected Officials Speaking Their Minds on Politics, but Not Public School Teachers

    Americans say students, librarians, parents should play a big part in what is available in middle school libraries – not elected officials.

    September 2022 Results

    Health of American Democracy, Economy, Abortion Leading Factors Heading into 2022 Election

    A new Grinnell College National Poll shows that four in five likely voters in the 2022 general election believe the overall health of American democracy is a major factor in determining how they will vote in the upcoming election.

    Majority of Americans Believe Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Should be Guaranteed Rights

    In the wake of the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade, 69% of Americans believe the option of having an abortion before the 15th week of pregnancy should be a guaranteed right, according to the newest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll.

    March 2022 Results

    Biden Approval Drops as Majority of Americans Believe Economy Will Worsen in Coming Months

    Grinnell College National Poll shows broad support for supplying weapons to Ukrainian fighters, welcoming war refugees; most Americans against sending troops.

    A Majority of Americans Thinks Public Schools are on the Wrong Track, Fueled by How Racism is Addressed in the Classroom

    Strong opposition expressed in Grinnell Poll toward affirmative action in higher ed admission policies and the use of tax dollars for private schools.

    October 2021 Results

    62% of Americans Say Politics, Not Law, Drives Supreme Court Decisions

    More than 60% of Americans today believe the decisions of the court are based more on the political leanings of justices than the Constitution and the law, according to the newest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll.

    52% of Americans Believe Democracy Facing “Major Threat”

    While 85% of Americans believe it is very important the United States remain a democracy, 52% believe American democracy is facing a “major threat” according to the newest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll.

    March 2021 Results

    Pessimistic View of Race Relations Exists Among Majority of Americans

    As an element of American life, a majority of people in the country view the state of race relations as mostly bad according to the newest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll. Most Americans favor student loan forgiveness; no return to “normal” anytime soon.

    Most Americans Agree on Four Foundations of Democracy, but Execution of Those Ideals Receives Failing Grades

    While Americans have high ideals for what makes up our democracy, a new Grinnell College National Poll shows our country gets failing grades when it comes to executing those ideals in real life.


    Peter Hanson

    Peter Hanson, Poll Director and Assoc. Prof. Political Science

    What were some of the major findings in this poll? What does the poll say about Americans' optimism on the pandemic? What does the poll say about race relations in America?

    J. Ann Selzer

    J. Ann Selzer, President of Selzer & Co.

    What does this poll say about how President Biden is performing? How do people feel about the issues in our country today? What does this poll indicate about people's confidence in past and future elections?

    Cori Jakubiak

    Cori Jakubiak, Associate Professor of Education

    How do Americans feel about the student loan debt crisis? How does student loan debt impact everyone? Do people support some form of student debt forgiveness?

    Danielle Lussier

    Danielle Lussier, Associate Professor of Political Science

    How would Americans grade our democracy based on this poll? Does the poll tell us how Americans think democracy is falling short? What was the biggest surprise you saw in this poll?



    September 2020 Results

    Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump in Latest Grinnell College National Poll

    72% of likely voters “extremely motivated” to vote; voter fraud concerns rise among Republicans.

    Majority of Americans View In-Person Return to School Unsafe at Any Level

    52% of Americans say President Trump is not doing enough to contain the virus.

    Naming George Floyd Alters Viewpoints on Racial Inequality

    Framing the issue of racial inequality around the victims of racial violence has an impact on how Americans view the issue.

    Poll Analysis

    Peter Hanson

    Peter Hanson, Poll Director and Assoc. Prof. Political Science

    What does the poll show about the presidential race? What are the perceptions of voter fraud? How does Donald Trump get re-elected in November?

    J. Ann Selzer

    J. Ann Selzer, President of Selzer & Co.

    What groups appear to be helping Joe Biden in this poll? What do you worry about if you are Joe Biden? What does this poll indicate about people's confidence in the upcoming election? What stood out to you about the question regarding school safety?

    Cori Jakubiak

    Cori Jakubiak, Associate Professor of Education

    What did the poll reveal about how politics play into school safety? How might the divide on school safety affect the future of public school? How is online education at home affecting women and their role in education?

    Still from YouTube video of Caleb Elfenbein

    Caleb Elfenbein, Assoc. Prof. of History & Religious Studies

    What did the poll show us about how people feel about racial inequality in America? Was there a difference in responses between white and non-white respondents? How does COVID-19 affect racial inequality?

    Tammy McGavock

    Tammy McGavock, Asst. Prof. of Economics

    How do people's view of the economy differ among demographic groups? Does this poll suggest people can still achieve the American Dream? How has COVID-19 impacted people of color?

    Ethan Pannell ’21

    Ethan Pannell ’21

    Pannell is a student who helped craft questions for the poll. Hear how he contributed to the poll and whether any of the results surprised him.

    April 2020 Results

    Donald Trump Trails Joe Biden in New Grinnell College National Poll

    President Donald J. Trump has his highest approval rating in Grinnell College National Poll history, but still trails former Vice President Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup.

    Americans Showing Resolve Through COVID-19 Crisis

    An overwhelming majority of Americans (88%) are confident the country will get through the COVID-19 crisis and be OK when it’s over, according to the newest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll.

    Poll Analysis

    Grinnell College faculty provide insight into the April 2020 poll results

    Still from YouTube video of Eric Ohrn

    Economic Impacts

    Eric Ohrn, assistant professor of Economics, explains why the economic effects of COVID-19 will affect people under age 35 disproportionately.

    Still from YouTube video of Caleb Elfenbein

    Americans' Resolve

    Caleb Elfenbein, associate professor of history and religious studies, discusses what people are willing to do to address COVID-19.


    October 2019 Results

    People Are Proud to be Americans but Tired of “Political Circus”

    Americans appreciate immigrant contributions and are receptive to criminal justice reform.

    Job Approval Dips, Unfavorable Feelings Climb for President Trump

    Vast majority of Americans are against foreign intervention in elections, divided on whether impeachment warranted.

    November 2018 Results

    The President’s Approval Ticks Up, but Coalition is Weakening

    President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has risen following the 2018 midterm elections, but that improved standing has not enhanced his chances at re-election in 2020, according to the Grinnell College National Poll.

    Who is a Real American? Overwhelming Agreement on the Answer

    What does it mean to be a “real American”? That was one of the many questions asked in the latest Grinnell College National Poll.

    September 2018 Results

    A Challenging Road to 2020

    The inaugural Grinnell College National Poll shows President Donald Trump faces a challenging road to re-election in 2020.

    Stand or Kneel?

    A new Grinnell College National Poll shows that feelings about what professional football players do, or don’t do, during the playing of the national anthem are as intense as all the news coverage suggests.

    Poll Shows Wide Support for Lawful Immigrants

    A majority of U.S. residents show support for legal immigrants and are skeptical of suggestions that undocumented immigrants commit more crimes as a group than native-born Americans, according to a new Grinnell College National Poll.

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